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That Red House Organic Soapberries - For a chemical, toxic free home (Trial Pack)

S$ 7.00

That Red House Soapberries are the highest quality product on the market. The higher the altitude of the growing region, the higher the quality and Saponin content of the fruit. We source our product from the highest altitude on earth -The Himalayas.

This trial size is available if you would like to try out the product or give it to someone else to try. Each individual package includes a reusable wash bag and approx 6 loads of washes.

Soapberries are perfect for:

1) The organically conscious consumer – Those looking to eliminate nasty chemicals from their home
2) Those with sensitive skin – Head of Dermatology at a leading Adelaide Hospital recommends people with sensitive skin use Soapberries in their laundry as a first call to action for those experiencing skin irritations. Many skin irritations can be traced back to the residue left on clothes from ‘standard’ laundry detergents.
3) The environmentally conscious – Our Soapberries are waste free and sustainably and ethically sourced.

To Use: 

Simply add 5 whole shells to the cotton wash bag that comes provided, tie double knot and put in the washing machine with your load of washing – That’s it. Top & Front loader compatible. You can then re-use those same shells again in four or five more loads until they turn grey & brittle.