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All Natural 100% Environmentally Friendly Stain Remover Stick

S$ 8.50

This long lasting non-toxic stain remover stick is is very handy to have in your laundry to pre-treat stubborn stains.

Say goodbye to stain sticks with harmful detergent chemicals. No artificial dyes or perfumes!

No fuss, no mess to use---just rub on the stain and wash. Safe for all washables fabrics including baby clothes.

Some persistent stains might need more than one application, but most grass / dirt / chocolate / wine / berry / blood / poo stains will come right out. And best of all, this stain remover stick is handmade in Singapore with all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients, no palm oil and it comes completely unpackaged!


1) For spot treating, wet the bar and work into stain(s). Dab the area with clean, damp cloth. Press until soap and stain are removed. 

2) For stain removal, lather with water and work soap into stained area(s). Presoak or launder as normal. 

3) For a complete handwash, wet the bar and lather soap on the entire item.

Pls note this is not intended to use as a body soap, as can be drying due to it's grease-cutting power.

Ingredients: coconut oil, water and lye

Weight: approximately 65 to 80g