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What is The Swag and how does it work?

1) How do I get started? 

Firstly, you must wash your Swags before you start using them (turn them inside out and cold machine wash) and dry them in full sun. Once washed, they will become much more absorbent. It is recommended to wash your Swags every two weeks or so. They will shrink significantly if a hot wash >30 Degrees Celsius is used or if they're put in the dryer. 

2) How much should I dampen my Swag? 

Dampen your clean dry Swags before you put in your fresh produce. Make sure you dampen your Swags from the outside layer only and really wring out excess water. The inside of the Swag should be dry in parts and not noticeably wet.  

Too much dampness is not good for your fruit and veggies so, if you’re not seeing the results you're expecting, then you’re probably applying too much water or not enough water to your Swags. 

Whenever you start to feel the outer layer dry out then it’s time to reapply water. You don’t have to take all the contents out, just sprinkle it with water from the outside. You don’t have to take The Swag out of the crisper just sprinkle water over the top of The Swag. As you’re not wetting the whole Swag, you can afford to sprinkle a bit more water on The Swag so that the top flap and surrounding edges can be a little more moist than usual. 

3) Can I put different fruits, veggies and leafy greens in one Swag? 

Yes! Go for it. Each individual fruit, veggie or leafy green will breathe and take in water at its own pace, that’s the beauty of The Swag and the layers offer a unique feature that keeps your fresh produce fresher for longer! There are people who say you shouldn't put everything together in a container or bag however majority of our customers are doing this and still report significant results. 

Just be mindful to put the harder produce at the bottom, I always start with carrots and then cucumbers, bell peppers, broccoli, apples, pears, oranges and then stack some zucchini, tomatoes, squash, avocado, then lettuce and herbs on top, it works a treat. 

4) What doesn’t work well in the Swag? 

Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are probably best left in their punnets for protection from squishing and instead nestle the pun-nets in around the dampened Swags in your crisper of your fridge. 

The environment The Swags will create within your crisper will help them stay fresher for longer. 

However, if you can ensure no squishing occurs use The Swag however, only apply a splash of water to The Swag when they contain strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. 

5) Do I have to cling wrap stuff that I have cut up? 

No, there’s no need to wrap them. They stay fresher for much longer that way! Unless it’s an onion and you don’t want your Swag to get a bit smelly, however I know heaps of people who still put their cut-up onion in The Swag with everything else. 

6) How can I get the very best results out of my Swag? 

As a rule, only put UNRIPENED fruit in The Swag. As needed, move the UNRIPENED fruit from The Swag into your fruit bowl for a day or two. The fruit will be perfectly ripened and ready to eat. For best results dampen your Swag with filtered water from a jug or filtration system. 

When fruits approach maturity, they release ethylene, which promotes ripening. Ethylene can also cause premature ripening in other fruits and veggies. It's best to put these fruits into The Swag WELL BEFORE they’re ripe.