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SuperBee Wax Wraps

Plastic wrap is pretty nasty stuff; it can leak, risking food contamination, and it is one of the worst things on the planet for the environment. 

Our beeswax food wraps keep a huge variety of food fresh, and are so easy to apply and wrap. You’ll never need to use plastic wrap again. They also make your kitchen, fridge and lunch box so much prettier, which is always a pleasing bonus! 

Superbee wraps also helps your pockets, as they save the need to buy plastic wrap.  

Keep your food fresh and your home sustainable with SuperBee Wax Wraps.  

Our Beeginner Set comes in a set of 3. You will get 1 small, medium & large. 

To use, simply wrap the item pressing gently, using the warmth of your hands to seal it together. Make sure you have warm hands to maneuver the wrap around the object. Some bowl surfaces are not suitable for Wax Wraps, particularly artificial surfaces. Metal, glass and wood are best. Plastic works too, but not always. All Wax Wraps should wrap firmly around fruit and vegetables.  

If your SuperBee wrap becomes soiled, simply wipe over with a soapy cloth and rinse under cool water. Anything more than 60°C will melt the beeswax. Rinse off and leave to dry. 

SuperBee wraps are not suitable for wrapping fresh meat, chicken or fish, however these items can be stored in a bowl with a SuperBee wrap over the top.  

We have taken a uniquely different approach to the products we stock. We sourced our products with in-depth due diligence on our producers to ensure the products are truly made in a natural, organic, sustainable manner as well as supporting the local communities. SuperBee supports women empowerment, create employment in rural areas as well as paying fair wages. We like to partner with like-minded people who care about the future of our children and this planet. 

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